Competition Rules


– The competition consists of two teams, Blue and Orange.

– Each team will have four Gladiators.

Floor Usage

– Only two Gladiators from each team are allowed on the floor at any given time.

– If more than two Gladiators are on the floor simultaneously, a penalty of 5 points will be applied to the team.

Gladiator Switching

– Each team will have two 10-minute lifelines per day, only accessible through their team captain, for emergencies.

Team Lifelines

– Every 15 minutes, Gladiators must switch out and be replaced by their teammates.

Team Captains

– Isaiah Pride and Brian Bourne are the team captains.

– Team captains are not allowed to touch the floor or any tools, except during lifeline usage.

Team Jerseys

– All Gladiators must wear their team jerseys.

– Blue team will wear Isaiah Pride’s team jerseys, while Orange team will wear Brian Bourne’s team jerseys.

Gladiator Selection

– A total of 8 Gladiators will be drafted for the competition.

– Gladiators must submit a prior work portfolio, consisting of 3 projects with 2 photos per project, to or use the form below for evaluation.

– If accepted, Gladiators must pay a non-refundable entry fee of $2,500 within 72 hours of acceptance.

– Failure to pay the fee within the specified time will result in withdrawal of acceptance and the opportunity will be given to another applicant.

– The names and company names of each contestant will be displayed on Epoxy Floor Wars marketing material and event gear.

Travel and Accommodation

– Contestants are responsible for their own transportation to the event.

– Flights and lodging expenses, up to $1,000, will be reimbursed by submitting receipts to

Team Selection

– The Gladiators for each team will be numbered and selected by a coin flip, determining the Blue and Orange teams on October 18th at 10 am, the day before the event.

Prize and Trophy

– A team trophy will be awarded to the winning team.

– The winning team will receive a cash prize of $20,000, to be split between the team members.

Event Details

– The event will take place at 2700 W Cumberland St, Lebanon, PA 17042, Building 4.

– The event will last for three days, starting on October 19th and ending on October 21st.

– The event will commence at 9 am each day.

– For hotel and event info, contact 855.723.7699 or email

– There will be a $20 cover charge per person, which includes a free event t-shirt. Registration must be done prior to October 1st.

– Gladiators must show up on October 18th at 9 am for registration and event preparation.

Team Captain Battle

– Team captains will battle for two hours on a vertical carved piece.

– The battle will commence on October 20th at 3 pm.

– Each phase of the battle will be timed.

Vendors and Sponsors

– Vendors and sponsors will be present at the event to answer product or technical questions.

– To become a sponsor, contact

Each contestants name and company name will be displayed on Epoxy Floor Wars  ®️ marketing material and event gear.

Each contestant is responsible to get themselves to the event, flights and lodging will be reimbursed (up to 1000.00) by submitting receipts to

*Teams will be drafted at random.

Download the complete Epoxy Floor Wars  ®️ Competition Rules:

*These are the 2023 rules. Updated 2024 rules will added shortly.

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